Party Wall Agreement Vs Party Wall Award?

Party wall is a common wall that is shared between owners of two adjoining properties .

A party wall generally covers half portion of the wall of the adjoining owner.

A party wall generally comes under the party wall act .

Under this act, an agreement is signed between the adjoining owners. A party wall surveyor is appointed by the appointing committee. The role of the surveyor is statutory and none of his decision is obligatory to the appointing committee. to find out more about party wall act. Click here!


Duration for which party wall is constructed depends. If the party wall is constructed without any agreement, it is considered to be permanent. If the party wall is made according to some agreement, then it will last as long as the agreement lasts. In other words if the agreement is broken due to some reason, the party wall ceases to exist.

Manner in which it functions

Party walls are made according to party wall agreement . Party walls can be removed or constructed according to the approval of either of the owner. Unless and until there is a legal agreement, none of the owners can build a window or opening of any kind in the party wall. Party walls can be used to make chimneys as long as the chimney covers only half of the party wall at the top and full of the party wall at the bottom.

A party wall agreement

Party wall agreement is an agreement according to which a notice is served to either of the owners regarding the construction of the party wall. A party wall notice if it contains typing errors of any kind is still valid as long as the recipient is able to understand the notice. A party wall agreement is invalid if the content of the agreement does not meet the requirements.

A party wall award

A party wall award is very much like a party wall agreement. Only difference being a party wall award is more formal. It contains details such as the extent to which the party wall can be constructed, the duration for which it can be constructed, the depth of construction, etc.

Hence we can conclude that party wall agreement and a party wall award is more or less the same thing. Only difference being that an award is more formal and explanatory than an agreement.

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