Can we mediate over our pets?

Can we mediate over our pets?

Want to find out Can we mediate over our pets Earlier, disagreements in divorce matters occurred over children, belongings and property. However, in the present times, couples have been seen arguing over pets. Most people would treat pets as a member of the family. As a result, they would like to stay with their pets after divorce. It has become a big issue in the present day divorce matters.

Fights over custody of pets could turn ugly, similar to fight for custody over children. Pets have been deemed members of the family. In case, both the parties to the divorce are emotionally attached to their pet, things could get problematic over custody of the pet. It would be pertinent to mention here that courts have awarded visitation, custody and alimony payments to pet owners in the past.

What option does the couple have if they want to mediate over pets?

In case, either of the spouses does not wish to give up his or her pet to the other, the best mode to resolve the matter would be pet mediation. What do you understand by pet mediation?

Pet mediation is similar to any other mediation process. It would be relatively less expensive methods of resolving an issue rather than going to court. Moreover, you would have flexible options in pet mediation.

Most laws in different states would see a pet as property.

As a result, the court would determine the custody of the pet similar to the belongings of the house. It may sound cold, but custody of a pet does not hold much importance or receive much attention in the court of law. An important aspect of divorce has been custody of a child. The parties to divorce could seek the assistance of a mediator in order to create a parenting plan. It would be with an agreement to both the parties to the divorce. The plan would be designed keeping in mind what is best for the children. Similarly, in case of couples fighting over custody of the pet, pet mediation would be their best bet.

How is pet mediation helpful?

The process of pet mediation would help one achieve a better understanding of the feeling and relationship of the other person towards the pet. In the event of you being able to have that discussion, you would be in a better position to work out a suitable ad amicable solution with the divorcing spouse. The decision of where the pet would live along with who would be paying for future expenses is determined easily through pet mediation.

Pet mediation would be largely helpful in discussing what would happen to an older pet that requires more medical attention in present and in future. Pet mediation would be used for discussing anything related to your pet. It would be inclusive of

  • appropriate diet and exercise of the pet
  • handling of future expenses
  • medical concerns pertaining to pet
  • ensuring adequate play and social time for the pet

You would be surprised on finding the creative aspect of your divorcing spouse in reaching an amicable agreement to the custody of the pet. Mediation would be the best course for successful pet sharing needs.

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