Hearing Neighbours Through Your Wall

What to Do If You Can Hear Your Neighbours Through Your Wall

There are lots of reasons why neighbours argue. Some complaints include overhanging trees, barking dogs, and noisy. However, taking this issue to court needs your more time to come up with a decision. It is expensive and emotionally draining. Therefore, what’s the fastest way to address these problems?

Even if you are neighbours for how many years, there will be an instance that you will come up with an issue with each other. But, the most common problem that neighbours face at this point is being noisy. So, what is the thing you can do to address this disagreement and have a peaceful living?

Do It Yourself Solutions To Stop Hearing Your Neighbours

Usually, the simplest and most efficient way is to address the arguments with your neighbour is to talk to them personally. They may not realize that their actions were causing you distress. You need to be polite. Be willing to discuss possible solutions, rather than asking specific things.

However, there are instances that it might not be likely to discuss the issue with your neighbour due to hectic schedules. You can send him or her a letter stating your dispute. However, sending a letter has a disadvantage, so it is not highly advised.


In case face to face discussion didn’t work, try third party intervention. Ask your neighbour to attend a mediation meeting . A mediator serves as a bridge to relay to the concern of each party involved. He or she is impartial, who will assist the discussion as well as hear the story of both sides. The mediator is not a judge and will not implement any decision or come up with a decision without your consent. He or she will suggest that you can ignore or follow. There are lots of mediators out there, ensure to find the best one.

When the problems are related to being noisy, you can go to the local council and make a complaint. The council will appoint an officer to assess and objectively settle on whether it is a nuisance under the regulation. If the officer found out there is a legal noise nuisance, then he or she will issue a notice to the party involved to minimize the noise or stop it. Once the notice is taken for granted and the nuisance persists, hefty fines can be imposed.

Once the neighbour is violent or abusive, it might be right to call the local council. If the action is aggressive or extreme, you must call the law enforcer straight away. This is vital if the neighbour is discriminating against you based on your sexuality, religion, race, gender, disability, or any discrimination.

Last Resort

Mediation is the last resort as if you choose court proceedings. You need to consume time and a lot of money. It is also emotionally draining, and most of all can damage the relationship with your neighbour. You also need to communicate with your lawyer regarding the progress of your complaint. All these things can be avoided by considering a mediator. He or she will help you find the best solutions that are beneficial for both of you.

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