How to Find out about Boundary walls

How to Find Out About My Boundary Walls

If your neighbour dispute regarding a fence or a wall, there are factors you can do to address the issue. Examples of problems can be a fence that requires fixing or who must pay to restore a wall this can be resolved around the Boundary walls.

In case you are renting a property, you ask the landowner or the proprietor if they will deal with the issue on your behalf. As a tenant, you must not make any modifications to fences or walls without the consent of the owner.

What If You Are Not Certain where the Boundary Wall/Fence Is

Before solving the issue, first, you have to know where the boundary fence between your house/property is. Doing this helps a lot in understanding the boundary fence or wall or whether it is shared between you and your neighbour.

The most excellent way to know the boundary wall is to verify the legal papers given to you when you purchased your property . You can visit the Land Registry and ask for the documents in case you don’t have them. You need to pay a small amount. It may be a smart idea to purchase these documents for your neighbour’s property as well- they may give information that isn’t covered in your documents.

If your neighbour is disputing regarding the boundary wall or fence is, hiring a surveyor can help you with property issues.

If You Want to Repair a Fence which is On Boundary Walls

The wall tends to be a party wall; it doesn’t matter if it is an internal wall or outdoor walls. You will have to follow some steps before repairing it, like, for instance, giving notice in the form of a letter.

Look for the Best Solution

Once you determine the boundary wall and you don’t follow the procedure for party fences, the best thing you can do is to talk to your neighbour. Discuss to him or her about matter face to face, make a note of the things you agreed. In case you are not comfortable talking to him or her in person, ask a friend to contact him on your behalf. Keep copies of emails or letters you send and receive.

It is best to find a compromise, such as sharing the expense of a new wall panel. It can help in keeping a healthy relationship and perhaps will be cheaper than paying a solicitor to address the disagreement.

If You Own the Boundary Walls

Check the legal documents for your property. They may say you need to keep the fence that you are disputing in an excellent condition to fix. You must ensure the wall is safe, and if not, your neighbour can take action to fix it. Once the wall is secure, and there is nothing to worry about, it is all up to you if you want to follow the request of your neighbour.

Getting Assistance with the Dispute

If you are not sure of the things you can do, you can ask for assistance from a mediator. The mediator   is someone who does not know either of you and well-trained to help in addressing disputes and arguments.

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