Party Wall Agreements for Beginners

Party Wall Agreements For Beginners ?


Party Wall Agreements

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If you have decided to start some kind of construction on the wall which segregates your property and your neighbour’s property or if you are building a new wall, you have to make sure that you give a proper formal party wall notice to your neighbours. This activity of giving a notice and taking permission from the neighbours is called a party wall agreement. This is something which might turn out to be a little complex for those who are going for this agreement for the first time.

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Party wall agreements have become common.

But then it can prove to be a quite complicated affair as you need to have to give the right documents to the right people for making sure that everything goes well.

Party wall for builders is one service we offer.

You have to remember certain points like.

1. The notices which you should be serving and to whom you should be serving them
2. Creating the party wall notices that you need and including the forms for your neighbours for getting them signed and to get the permission for moving forward with the decision.
3. Getting the guidance about how to serve the notices
4. Getting the guidance on how to deal with any counter-notices or disputes which might take birth in the future

In the notices mentioned above, the person who is having the wish to do the work is called the building owner. The people who have ownership of the property affected are called the adjoining owners. The note addresses the building owners who wish to work on a party wall or construct a new wall altogether. If you are looking for guidance after receiving a party wall notice from your neighbour, you should clear your doubt about this. If your looking for a party wall agreement come and visit click here!

The building owner is entitled to serve the party wall notice. If there is more than one person who has the ownership of the building and they are owning the property as joint tenants, all the building owners must be named in the party wall notice for making it valid.

There are four basic types of party wall notices which you would need which are as follows –

1. Work on an existing party wall or party structure
2. A new wall astride the boundary line
3. A new wall next to the boundary line
4. Excavations near a neighbouring building

The people who will serve the notice will depend on the nature of the project. It is possible in the case when you will not have a shared boundary with all of them. In the beginning, you will have to give a notice to the owner of the property who is on the other side of the wall. And it is possible that a property has more than one owner.

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