Party Wall Award Procedure And Process

Party Wall Award Procedure And Process

Party wall may be described as a common wall which is shared by two property owners. The party wall should be such that one half of the thickness of the wall is shared by the other property owner.

Party wall act is an act which clearly gives instructions to tenants and developers who wish to undertake repairs, improvements or alterations to an existing property. This act clearly tells the builders that within how much distance they can excavate at regular depths. The act provides a framework within which a particular site can be excavated. This act not only gives guidelines but at the same time gives permission for the construction work to take place. The party wall surveyor is appointed on a statutory notice and is free of instructions of the appointing party. In other words, the party wall surveyor is capable of taking independent decisions. The party wall surveyor needs to take a decision in such a manner that it does not affect the building decisions of the developer in any manner. Have you seen our FAQ? If not click here!

The party wall award -

A party wall award can regulate-

  • If the rights of the owner is to be executed, then it will come under the PWA 1996.

The time and manner for executing the work, however, unless there is an agreement made between the owner of the building and the adjoining owner, the time for executing their work will not commence until n unless the initial period includes the owner of the building notice does not get expired.

  • If any other matter will arise in between the procedure, then it will include in the cost of making the award.

When is a party wall notice invalid?

  • A party wall notice is not invalid if the address contains some typing error. This is a subjective matter and is based on what the recipient of the notice understood. Also, the notice can become invalid if the content does not meet the requirements.
  • Hence, we can see that if there is a common wall or a party wall, do decide that the notice served is in accordance with the law.

Manner it is used

  • As already discussed, the party wall is a common wall between two properties. Since each owner has a right to use it, he can easily take decisions regarding the party wall, with ease. A party wall should be constructed covering a certain depth. Unless and until some agreement has been made, no one can use a party wall to make windows or anything.
  • A party wall can be used by the adjoining owners to make chimney flues or fireplaces. The chimney flue can cover half of the wall, while the lower part of it is located wholly in the other part of the wall.

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