Party Wall Surveyor - What Is Their Role?

party wall surveyor

Jason Edworthy

A Party Wall Surveyor is a person who is specialized in finding the solution which is arisen under the Party Wall Act 1996.

Party wall for builders is one service we offer.

A party wall separates the structures of two owners along the same line of ownership, which is not typically located in the middle of the wall.

A Party Wall Agreement is the document which is produced by the two-party wall surveyors .

  • A Party Wall agreement is itself called an “award”. It is a set of guidelines which is governed how the proposed work should progress.
  • A “scheduled of condition” which is a part of the adjoining property and is often supported by a set of photographs.
  • Drawings are made which shows the details of the proposed work.

The Party Wall Agreement is a procedure which ensures both the building owner and the adjoining owner that is legally protected before, after and during the work is completed. If a Party Wall surveyor wants to ensure then, they will check the building owner’s work from the point of view of the property of the adjoining owner.

They will definitely ensure the physical strength which can possibly be, along with they will ensure the detailed organization of the works that have been taken after avoiding the disagreement between the owners. There are highly experienced Party Wall Surveyors in who offer guidelines and advice in a friendly manner.

A Party Wall Agreement is a process which follows a required procedure which begins when the owner of the building serves a Party Wall Notice to the adjoining owner.

Formerly, a Party Wall Notice is served then the owner of the adjoining building has three Notice response options.

They are:

  • Consent to the Party Wall Notice – A consent means that there will be no further formalities of the Party Wall Act 1996 that will be followed, and therefore, will not be afforded the various protections which are provided by the Party wall Act 1996.
  • Dissent and appoint your own surveyor– If you dissent to the Party Wall Notice and if you are appointing your own Part Wall Surveyor then, the role of the surveyor would be to administer the Party Wall Act 1996 and also ensure that the property is fully protected.
  • Dissent and appoint an agreed surveyor– An agreed Party Wall surveyor will undertake all the same procedures as mentioned in the response of “dissent and appoint your own surveyor”. The difference between an agreed surveyor and own surveyor is that there is only one Party Wall Surveyor which acts impartially on behalf of both the owner of the building and yourself.

Party Wall Surveyors in have specialized building surveyors which focus on residential properties and listed buildings.

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