Party Wall Surveyors Fees

Are you having a hard time resolving a party wall issue?

Or you are about to start work and you are having a dispute with the adjoining owner? Then, you will need the professional help of a party wall surveyor .

Here at Jason Edworthy , we make sure that our team already gained years of experience in the building surveying industry.

We ensure that you will be able to obtain accurate results.

We use reliable, up-to-date and specialized solutions when it comes to party wall surveying.

We deeply focus on providing the most comprehensive and straightforward advice that can give you a deeper understanding of the process and expectations.

Whenever you need a reliable party wall advice and solution, do not hesitate to contact our customer care hotline.

We feel glad to welcome all your queries, and we give you an immediate solution. Also, we give you a reasonable price range to accommodate all your party wall worries in mind.

When you consider our party wall surveying services, you can expect a quick response, and you have nothing to worry about your budget.

We make sure that our best quality services are combined with the cost-effective price range.

If want to set an appointment with our topnotch Party Wall Surveyors, our fees are:

In case, you decided that it is necessary for you to work as the Agreed Surveyor, our fees will be:

Our prices provided are all available for any project, whether small or large including the surveys, notices, and awards. You have to be aware that we are not asking for extra fees. The services we offered will be performed by insured and professionally qualified party wall surveyors. Our prices will include the RICS Surveyors.

If you require for a dissent, it will cost [Insert Amount] + VAT for each. We require 50% deposit for the Terms, and you can choose between bank transfer or credit card. We are also accepting telephone card payments. Then, a protection under the consumer credit act will be applied. Regarding the 50% on completion, payment will be through bank transfer only.

When it comes to building a survey, our fees are:

Over the years, we are helping many customers to resolve any party wall dispute and other issues with the help of our licensed structural engineers. We make sure that you will be working with fully insured and qualified professionals having years of experience for satisfying and accurate results. We provide a limit of [Insert Amount] for each survey together with an amount of [Insert Amount] for the liability.

Under the Party Wall etc. Act 1996, there are three types of work namely:

In case that the work you want to carry out within the adjoining property, you will trigger the Act. Meaning, it is necessary for you to serve a notice as well as to obtain the consent of the affected adjoining consent. For an instant that the consent is not forthcoming, both parties are believed to be in dispute under the Party wall, etc. Act 1996 and party wall surveyors are appointed. The surveyor takes place to resolve the dispute through a party wall agreement which is technically referred to as the Award.

If you think it is time for you to ask for a professional help through a qualified Party Wall surveyor, do not hesitate to [Insert Company Name]. We are here to help you resolve your party wall issues in real time.