Types Of Acts

Different Type of Acts

Are you well aware of the party wall Types of acts? If you are not yet aware, then this article will help you know the party wall acts, its different types, and its importance. Are you ready? Here it goes!

Let us first discuss what a party wall is. This refers to the wall that divides a land or serves as a reminder of a particular boundary between lands that belongs to two or more owners.

The Party wall act is focused on which will the responsibility of preventing or resolving problems that are concerned with party walls, boundary walls, and excavation that is near other buildings. Find out more click here!

The Party Wall Types of Acts covers three important things, and that would be:

  • Section 1. Any direct work that is going to be carried out regarding a party wall that is going to be erected.
  • Section 2. Concerns the present party structures in the form of party walls, fence walls, floors, the independent property of another owner.
  • Excavation or digging within 3 to 6 meters of a nearby building.

If there will be a planned excavation, structuring or a party wall will be built, then there are notices that should be given to the owner of the neighbouring building.

Three types of notice may be issued, and these are:

Section 1. Line of Junction Notice

In the line of junction notice, some details should be included, such as:

  • The notice should contain a text about the interest of the building owner to build a wall.
  • The next detail that should be included in the full description of the wall to be built.

Section 2. Party Structure Notice

  • The party structure notice should include the complete name and address of the building or property owner.
  • The notice should include the type or kind of the proposed work. All the necessary information and particulars should also be included.
  • It should also include the date when the project will be starting.

Section 6. Notice of Adjacent Excavation

  • Should include the proposal of the building owner.
  • A written statement on the work being done for on the structure. Either enhancing or maintaining the foundations of the property of the adjoined owner.
  • The notice must also include these details.
    • Site of the Excavation
    • Depth of the excavation
    • The proposed building that will be built

These notices should be given to the adjoining owner depending on its nature.

Party Structure Notice

This type of notice should be given to the adjoining owner two months before work.

Line of Junction Notice and Notice of Adjacent Excavation

These two notices should be given to the adjoining owner 1 month before the work or activity.

These are the things that you should know about the party wall act. What it covers and the legal notice that should be given to the adjoining owner. Everything should be following the law to avoid consequences.

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