What is the importance of a party wall

Why is a Party Wall Important?

Are you aware of the party wall and its importance? In this article, you will be guided on what is a party wall and its significance nowadays.

Party wall, to simply define it, refers to a wall that is put up or established between two adjoining buildings. It can be used to divide the two buildings, but it will be shared by both of the owners of the buildings. To find out more click here

A party wall is important for neighbours or homeowners so that land can be divided. It can be used to divide the land between two owners. It can also serve as a boundary between two buildings, rooms, and even houses.

Boundaries between properties or houses are important so that each of the property owners will know the limit of their land to avoid disputes and problems. A party wall is important to end disputes between two homeowners regarding their land. Thus this can be offered as a solution to divide the land equally among the two owners.

Homeowners and neighbours should appreciate the importance of the party wall as this can line dividing each of the property. It can even prevent any trespass from happening, it can serve as a protective barrier, and it can prevent your neighbour from using some of the lands that belong to you.

From those, you can already see the benefits of building a party wall between your houses. But you still need to come up with an agreement.

But there are also instances where the disputes are rooted in the party wall. It can lead to multiple problems, such as where the exact place the party wall will be developed, especially if the appropriate steps are not followed.

Every time that a party will be built the owner that will be spearheading it must issue a notice to the adjoining neighbour 1 month prior to work. If a notice is not issued, then this can result in a problem that is punishable by law, thus elevating the dispute between the two property owners.

Both owners should agree before a party wall is going to be built. If both owners agree, any damages that are inflicted on the property will be repaired using the expense of the owner of the property.

Regardless of the one who spearheaded the establishment of the party wall, all the damages will be put into the account of the owner.

To avoid disputes in setting up a party wall, a party wall surveyor must be hired. The professional will be assessing the plan, property, and everything regarding the party wall to avoid confusion and problems in the establishment of the wall.

Party walls can be an important aspect of properties. It should be appreciated as it is used for a purpose, to divide the land. But there are instances that the source of the problem is the wall itself. Therefore you must apply the proper procedure and hire a professional to supervise the establishment of the party wall.

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