adjoining owner

Adjoining landowners are the owners of the land who share the same boundary of the building and have common rights, duties and liabilities.

Party wall disputes.

There are some common laws which recognize the bearing of rights and obligations of the adjoining owners. Furthermore, the given rights were modified by various state laws and court decisions.

Adjoining owners   believe that someone will arrive soon to use the property in a sensible manner which does not have any interference of the owners of the land. An adjoining owner has both the options to select the notice either consent or dissent. If there is no response within 14 days then, the adjoining owner is considered in a specified way. Whenever there is a problem then both the owners should appoint the surveyor so that the party wall award can be easily agreed and served.

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Once a Party Wall surveyor is appointed then, the two surveyors will select the third surveyor who will settle the issues which are not agreed by the other two surveyors. It is very rare when there is a need for the third surveyor.

The Party Wall Act protects you and your neighbour’s if you are having any improvement in your house. Adjoining owner allows the Party Wall surveyors which are controlled by the time at a particular point in the course of the work which can be easily executed. These owners include the provision for the activity of buying and selling the damage and there is no need to claim for civil.

They provide assurance of their land or the buildings which cannot be compromised while the work is going on. They also ensure that the work which is done should be carried out without any inconvenience.

A Party Wall award is definitely a binding document which sets about the parties and also includes the details of the given work. It is necessary to ensure that the work should be undertaken at a minimum risk, which does not cause any inconvenience to the occupier.

There are few examples of such issues that can be addressed in a party wall award like working hours, there should be some control of the dust and excessive noise, and there should be easy access to the adjoining owners of the land.

There is no control of the surveyor which does not have any control at a higher level such as the size and the appearance of the loss of light.

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