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Understanding the agreement for homeowners

Owning a home is great for building owners. Making a home feel and always look great is the uphill task. As a common saying goes, no one is lucky enough to choose their neighbour. Thus, there was the need for setting out rules and regulations to govern construction.

This is because most of the times more than one building may share the same wall. The wall etc act 1996 that was enacted to govern building and construction involving neighbouring building is referred to as party wall agreement. The wall etc act 1996 was enacted and enforced in the year 1967 in Wales and the whole of England.

It is a law that provides a legal framework for prevention and solution of disputes involving a construction activity that involves a party walls.

It is a law that protects neighbours from loss or damage to property as a result of a construction activity on party walls.

The act has a clear statement that if any damage is caused, the repair must be done at the expense of the liable individual.

There are several clauses in the party wall act and any builder should make sure they understand them well before proceeding with any construction works on party walls. Such clauses include when to offer party walls notices.

A party wall notice should be provided under the following conditions;

  • When building foundations or excavations 3m deep
  • before proposed works
  • New building astride another existing building
  • Work to existing walls such as demolition, repair, or rebuilding.

Before beginning any construction work, building owner should focus on understanding the laws in full details to avoid facing penalties, damages, and lawsuits due to the violation of certain rules and laws. Building owners and adjoining owners should make sure they seek advice from qualified party wall surveyors for party wall award.

The qualified party wall surveyor ensure that the construction and building activities are carried out within the set rules and regulations.

When this is done, the disputes that commonly occur mostly to land and business owners which could become unnecessarily complicated if not resolved in the right party wall etc act

These professionals are there to simplify things for clients by offering a reliable survey that helps landowners declare boundaries and also help to make the impacts of disputes less negative.

A party wall surveyor also help in mending the already existing disputes and ensure a solution is reached in the most effective means possible. Due to the rapid growth of technology, contacting surveyors has been made easy and their response times.

Also, the cost of party wall surveyor services is pocket-friendly and making appointments with them is easy and efficient. Such party wall etc act survey professionals include Jason Edworthy party wall surveyor  , who is a reputable surveyor in the United Kingdom.

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