Buying a Property? Don’t Forget About The Party Wall Act 1996

Buying a Property? Don’t Forget About The Party Wall Act 1996

Before we discuss the Party Wall Act 1996, let’s study what exactly is a party wall.

What is a party wall?

A party wall can be described as the common wall which is shared by two property owners. The party wall should be such that one wall shares one half of the thickness of the wall of the other property holder.

Party wall Act 1996:

Party wall act is an act which tells about the ordinances that tenants and developers have to follow to undertake repairs, improvements, etc, to a property which already exists. This act clearly tells the builder that within how much capacity they can excavate at regular deepness or depth. This act clearly specifies that within what range a particular site can be excavated. The party wall surveyor is selected on a statutory basis. This means the surveyor can take autonomous decisions. The party wall surveyor, however, can take a decision keeping in view the interest of the developer.

Time period:

Party wall if it is created with reference to some time period, it means it is permanent. The party wall if it is created according to some agreement, it means it will last as long as the agreement is there. The party wall ceases to exist if the agreement is declined by either of the parties.

The manner it is used:

As already discussed a party wall is a mutual agreement between two property holders, each owner can use it autonomously. A party wall should be constructed according to a certain depth. There is a party wall surveyor who can use his authority independently. There has to be some kind of agreement in order to use a party wall to make a window by either of the property holders.

A party wall can be used by the property holder to make fireplaces or chimney flues. The lower part of the chimney flue is located wholly in the other part of the wall, while the upper part can cover only semi region of the adjoining wall.


By no means, can either of the owners remove the party wall, but if there is decay or some accident such as a fire breakage, then either of the owner can remove the wall.

Party wall act as we can see is an important act for property owners.

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