Damage To Property By Neighbours Building Work

What to Do ?

Perhaps your neighbour is breaking into your home, or perhaps they are having trouble with the building work, now what to do? You will need to find out who they are so that you can take appropriate action.

Find out how to contact them. Ask your friends and neighbours, or even those that you know do not want to know, for them to find out who is doing the damage to your property by neighbours building work.

Find out where you can get in touch with them. Take a friend with you to make sure that you have an ear to listen, to tell you their side of the story, and to ask them questions to see if you get a good idea of the problem.

Talk to them about it, see if you can find out about any work they have done on their property, the construction of the building work and the period that it is going on. Ask if you can visit the work site, and where they are doing the work, and if they would let you watch the work while you are there.

If you have had problems with your neighbours before, you may want to try talking to them about the previous problems, ask if they would like to see any examples of damage to property by neighbours building work. See if you can talk to them as a friendly pair, and see if you can find out what happened.

You will need to find out who they are, and what has been done to the property if you have not heard from them in some time. Contact them, perhaps someone in the family or a friend, and find out what has happened.

Whatever you do, find out what has happened before and what has been done to the property. Then you will be able to take appropriate action, and hopefully, this will help prevent any more damage to your property.

It may be possible to take legal action against the offending neighbour, but you will have to work hard on this and work hard with your neighbours. Your building works may need to be carried out elsewhere for some time, so if you can get this sorted out in the early stages, it will reduce the impact of the problem in the long run.

If the property was damaged because of another problem, and this other problem is still unresolved, you will need to find out how to contact the offending neighbour. If you cannot contact them, you will have to seek legal advice to find out how to proceed.

Find out how they can be contacted. There are various ways in which you can contact them, some of these methods are more convenient than others, so consider which method will work best for you, and what the reasons are behind why they are not providing contact details.

Get hold of them, whether it is through their telephone number if they are listed in the phone book, or even if they have a website. Contact them and ask them to contact you if they would like to discuss the problem.

When they do, look through their contact details, and find out whether you can arrange a meeting to discuss the matter further. Be prepared, and find out what steps need to be taken, but don’t push them too hard, and let them know that you will see to it that they receive compensation for any damages they have caused to your property.

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