Invalid Party Wall Notices

A party wall notice can be described as a notice which is given to the owner of a property to the adjoining owner when he wants to build a property.

This notice comes under the direct instructions of the party wall act.

What is a party wall?

A party wall can be defined as a common wall that is shared by owners of a property. According to the party wall act the party wall or the common wall can cover only a half a depth of the adjoining building. The act clearly specifies that the party walls should be constructed only to a certain depth of the property. The party wall act clearly defines that the role of the party wall surveyor is a statutory one.

This means that the surveyor is allowed to take decisions himself and is not obligatory to the people who appoint him.


Duration for which a party wall is constructed depends. If the party wall is constructed without any reference to any time period, it is considered permanent. If the party wall is constructed according to some agreement, it is considered to last as long as the agreement lasts. In other words, if due to some reason the agreement is cancelled, then the party wall ceases to exist.

Manner in which it is used

Since we have already discussed that a party wall is in accordance with a legal agreement. Party wall, hence, can be removed or further developed by either of the property owner. Unless and until there is a legal agreement, none of the parties can build a window on the wall.

Party wall can be used to make chimneys as long as the upper portion of the chimney covers only a part of the party wall and the lower portion of the chimney is located wholly in the other part of the party wall.

When is a party wall notice invalid?

A party wall notice is not invalid if the address contains some typing error. This is a subjective matter and is based on what the recipient of the notice understood. Also, the notice can become invalid if the content does not meet the requirements.

Hence, we can see that if there is a common wall or a party wall, do decide that the notice served is in accordance with the law.

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